Custom Pins

Want to create your own pins but don’t know how?
We can do it for you!

Contact us:

What we do:

  • Vector your design.
  • Colour pick using our pantone swatch.
  • Give you feedback/advice on your design and how it will translate to pin form.
  • Give you advice on speciel effects for your pin.
  • Contact the manufacturer on your behalf and have them made.

What you do:

  • Send us your design in whatever form you have it in (digital or traditional media)
  • Be ready to respond to our emails!

We take the stress away from getting your pins manufactured whilst you can sit back and relax whilst awaiting their arrival!


Pricing varies by size/effects/complexity/amount

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 100 pins.

You pricing will be broken down by:

  • Mold fee (typically 60-100 USD)
  • Price per pin (typically 0.6-3.5 USD)
  • Paypal fees (4%)
  • Shipping (typically 20-70 USD)


After confirming the final quote and going ahead with manufacturing, depending on the order size and time of year the turn around is usually around 10 days – 4 weeks

Terms and Conditions

What we wont do:

  • Make pins of copyright art, either from another artist or official company art.
  • Payment plans. We need the full payment as soon as you are ready to go ahead with the order.
  • Promote your pins. We may or may not talk about them on social media, however this is not something included in this service.

Once the specification has been sent to you for final approval and payment has been received there is no changing them and no refunds for mistakes made on your end.

Our manufacturer has a good relationship with us and we are happy to get pins produced for you, so always check over the specification document carefully. We will point out anything we may think you need to double check if something stands out to us.

Lets get started!

Great! drop us an email and attach your design where possible so we can get a quote to you asap!

If you know a little about pin making, give us as much detail as possible (hard enamel, soft enamel, plating etc)

If not – don’t worries that’s what we are here for! Just be sure to give us the size of the pin you want.

Contact us: